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We’re not your typical gym.
We know your name.
We get to know you properly.
We personalise your training within a group environment.
We thrive on community.
We start and finish together and we cheer each other on to finish strong.
We are not a group class where everyone does the same thing, at the same time, with the same program.
We coach a structured strength program that we personalise FOR YOU.
We guarantee you'll have fun doing it. 

Core Strength is your home away from home. We strive to be the least intimidating and most welcoming facility you will ever experience.

We welcome all experiences, abilities, with or without injuries. Our program fits every need and we promise to help you move better and with ease.

We promise to create an inviting environment that cultivates a positive culture while challenging you towards progress.


The Core Strength Difference


  • We’re not your typical gym. We provide personal coaching in a non-intimidating group environment. We know your name and if we haven’t seen you in a few weeks, we hunt you down via phone, message or in our Facebook Group, because we care :).


  • If you are injured, have niggles, pregnant or have other restrictions, we will modify the exercise, load and intensity to suit you and keep you safe at all times.  We take our training seriously, but our priority is to keep you safe whilst having fun.


  • We start and finish together and we cheer each other on to finish strong.  With community and progress in mind, you’ll find yourself pushing yourself to do things you never thought were possible. Our coaches and program design will change you and the way you train and approach your health and fitness.


  • Our program is designed to keep it fun, challenging and results-focused. Combining elements of weightlifting, bodyweight, cardio, high-intensity training, tempo strength work and much more, we keep your mind and body the variety it needs to continue progressing with safety in mind.


  • Egos and judgment is not part of our culture.  No matter what your experiences are, we train together and support each other towards success.

Why what we do works


We have a community-driven culture and our members are a big part of what makes our training environment fun and special. Our friendly and non-intimidating community will help you get fitter, stronger and healthier.


Whatever your goals are, our passionate team is here to guide and support you within your journey and keep you accountable for your results.

Stop seeing exercise as a chore and make training part of your lifestyle. Our team and community work hard to get each other in shape mentally to help you create life changing habits that you will keep for life.


“It’s like personal training in a group environment!”  Our program is designed to enhance your life by moving better and with minimal pain. Gain strength, recover from an injury, lose weight, or improve sports performance, our program is designed to meet your personal goals within a fun environment.

Open to all levels and skills, we can tailor each class to individual needs, even to those who come to us with injuries or haven’t trained in ages. Our classes are never “too hard” for you, but it will challenge you to take your training to the next level, it is a training experience like no other!

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