“Life with Core Strength is not just different, it’s amazing. I feel alive again.” – Mariella Mejia






Richmond’s Premium Boutique Gym 

We are passionate about delivering excellent class experience in a friendly, safe and non-intimidating environment, delivered by supportive, knowledgeable and experience coaches.  Our community is friendly, welcoming and inviting, you’re guaranteed to create new gym buddies along the way.  We respect that everyone has a story and everyone’s journey is different. Click below to find out more about Core Strength and check out some of our members’ stories.



There are a multitude of differences at Core Strength:

Core Strength is not your typical gym, we are unlike any other gym you may have been in before. We provide a coaching environment, it is the closest you can get to an excellent personal training session in a group environment. We know your name and if we haven’t seen you in a few weeks, we hunt you down via phone, message or in our Facebook Group, because we care :).

If you are injured, have niggles, pregnant or have other limitations, our coaches are always ready to modify the exercise, load and intensity to suit you and keep you safe at all times.  Our members continue their training if they’re injured, have niggles or injured because they feel safe training with us.  We are always here to keep all participants safe, but no one is bullet proof and our team is always ready to modify to ensure safety is always a priority for each participant.

When we complete our workout, we cheer on others to finish strong.  With safety in mind, you can’t help but push yourself to do things you never though were possible. Core Strength will change you and the way you train.

Our coaches meet monthly to discuss programming and keep it fun, challenging and results focused. Our program combines elements of weightlifting, bodyweight, running, high intensity training, tempo strength work and much more.

Safety is always the priority. Our coaches have no hesitation to ask our members to stop if they feel the movement is no longer safe for them.  There are no egos, no judgement.  We all workout together and support each other towards success.


Finding a gym that gets you is not easy. We are a community driven gym and our members are a big part of what makes our training environment fun and special. Fitness is just not the same without your workout buddies and fitness family cheering you on along the way.

We are proud of providing a welcoming and a non-intimidating gym culture and training environment and we incorporate lots of fun in the workout along with community events including in-house partner competitions, BBQ’s, barefoot bowling, dinner outings and more. Our community will help you get fitter, stronger and healthier.


We are a team of self driven, mature and experienced individuals sharing the same values in bringing the best in your training. One of the many things we have in common is our burning passion for coaching! Even though it’s a group training environment, we see each class as a group of unique individuals and the coolest thing is, our coaching approach is tailored to each individual to get the best out of them.

Each of us have our own coaching style which we bring into each class to make it the best hour of your training.


“It’s like personal training in a group environment!”  We don’t promise you that its the best program in the world…but it is the best program for you!

Our program is designed to enhance your life by moving better and with minimal pain.

Open to all levels and skills, we can tailor each class to individual’s needs, even to those who came to us with injuries or haven’t trained in ages. Our classes are never “too hard” for you, but it will challenge you to take your training to the next level, it is a training experience like no other!



Co-Founder | Coach

Every member comes with a story, experience and goals.  My purpose as a coach is to improve the lives and happiness of each member through movement.  I believe in connecting, building trust, creating and nurturing the relationship with that individual whilst creating a fun training culture where our members can achieve success.

  • ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1
  • AWF Sports Power Coach Level 2
  • Functional Movement Screening Practitioner
  • Exercise Rehabilitation
  • 1st Degree Black Belt - Filipino Combative Martial Arts



When I coach nothing excites me more than to work alongside and help people achieve goals that once seemed impossible!

I believe solid mechanics and technique are fundamental to improving our fitness followed by intensity. In all my classes I aim to break down all the movements from the simple air squat to the complex snatch to ensure everyone from beginner to advance level athlete gets something new from their workout.

When training with me expect to learn something new, be pushed to new limits and most importantly have fun!

  • CrossFit Coach Level 1
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 1



As a Coach, my goal is to make you feel better, be better and leave the gym happier and more complete than when you came in.

  • Weightlifting experience for 12+ years
  • Olympic Weightlifting coach for 7 years
  • CrossFit Coach Level 1
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 2
  • Currently studying Remedial Massage Therapy and Myotherapy


Coach / Nutritionist

My intent is to lead by example. I am committed to instructing high quality technique with safety as my main priority. My greatest goal is not only to help shape your body but make a greater impact on the mind.

  • NASM Certificate of Personal Training
  • Precision Nutrition Certified
  • Crossfit Coach Level 1


Admin Support

Mother of three who found the love for lifting since joining Core Strength in January 2018.   Winning the 2018 Abacus Award, Gina is always there as someone who you can count on.  She’s a fitness enthusiast with a caring nature, always encouraging and making new members feel comfortable and welcomed.


Gym Mascots

Love for humans and cuddles from all walks of life.

  • Play & Movement Cert K9
  • Cuteness & Adorability Level 10