Quit the Stop-Start Pattern with Your Progress

Jul 26, 2021

 by Sylvia Lokollo

You’re pumped because you started a new training program, a new gym, a new community.


Two weeks into the program, the goals that you wanted to achieve seem so hard, draining! Your body is sore, you’ve lost a few grams (it’s probably water weight) but it’s just too damn hard to continue.

Back to square one.

Blame it on Covid, on lockdowns, on “no time” or let’s be honest…just pure BS excuses.


We’ve all been there, whether it’s your workout, nutrition, rehab, heck, maybe even your relationships.


Because you went too hard, too quickly.


As lockdowns and restrictions begin to ease, you’re probably rushing to join a gym, a cycle challenge, the next exercise program because you’ve missed out on months of not moving enough and eating poorly.

So, your excitement is high, but is it sustainable?


Learn to pace yourself! Less is more mentality and slowly adding new healthy habits for long-term success is key for changing your lifestyle for the better.

The fitness industry will market you differently otherwise:


“6 weeks to get shredded!”

“Lose 9kg in 6 weeks!”

“8-week diet plan!”


We’ve all heard all this before.

Let me ask you this…how many of these have you tried and are still wondering why you’re still stuck, struggling to get back every time life challenges you.




Put yourself FIRST and do something different than what you’ve already tried if you want a different result.

At Core Strength Fitness, our coaches have helped hundreds of individuals just like you to maximise the 23 hours of your day that most people neglected.


We keep you accountable and make those small changes last a lifetime.

How do we do this? Our program focuses on:

  • Sleep
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Daily movement
  • Lifestyle and habits coaching for lifelong success

Ready to take the first step?

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