What Is The Best Day To Meal Prep?

Apr 20, 2021

 by Sylvia Lokollo

With the increasing hustle and bustle of life, cooking and eating from home is becoming a hurdle to some people. A significant number have since resorted to buying food in the form of takeaways from restaurants and cafeterias to keep up with their busy lifestyles. However, this does not mean that you cannot take some time and prepare your meals for the entire week. All you need is to adopt an efficient meal prepping strategy. This is the act of preparing your food in advance so that you will not have to come back home from work very tired and still have to gather some energy to make dinner. Meal prepping will save you from that hassle.

In this blog, I will discuss the best day to meal prep and how to go about the entire process.


How To Get Started With Meal Prepping

The idea of preparing meals that will sustain you for a considerable time is very beneficial. Specifically, if you have a busy work schedule, but still want to eat homemade food, then meal prepping is ideal for you. Even though this approach is appealing and comes with many advantages, it can be a hard nut to crack, especially for beginners. If you are yet to do batch cooking, you might face a few challenges like having the right recipes, shopping your ingredients, and making the meals without enduring any cooking fatigue. But with a systematic guide, you can hack it.


Choosing The Most Convenient Day To Meal Prep

Before you dive into meal prepping, ensure you set the right day for this assignment. Sunday is one of the most convenient days to cook the different foods you wish to eat in the upcoming week. First, it falls under the weekend, whereby you are free, most people are at home, and you have enough time to start preparing your meals. You can also consider Wednesday as another day to meal prep. In that regard, you will not have to cook all your meals on Sunday since it can be quite tiring. You get a chance to split your prepping. Hence you can squeeze in some food ideas as the week goes by. Once you have settled on your most convenient day(s), you can set a reminder or mark your calendar to ensure you do not miss out on the crucial dates you ought to be meal prepping. Start with those meals that can be easily prepared to save on time.


What Contributes To A Positive Meal Prep?

Meal prepping can be frustrating if you do not plan. The day you are supposed to be making your meals can turn into one stressful episode that you will forever live to regret. To avoid such an occurrence, below are some of the factors you need to put into consideration:

  • Have the right recipe. Make sure you have gathered the right recipes that will give you the diet you so much need. The recipes should be made up of meals you can easily prepare and very accessible ingredients. But this should not prevent you from adding a new recipe.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary ingredients. Before you start making the first meal, you must have all the needed ingredients. Meal prepping is not the time to go shopping for groceries or other essential ingredients. Always ensure you have come up with a grocery list and completed your shopping ahead of time.
  • Food Preservation is Key. Once you have cooked your meals, you will need to preserve them so that they can sustain you throughout the set time. Therefore, you need to have an efficient food preservation mechanism. You will need a refrigerator or an insulated bag to prevent your food from going bad by providing the right preservation conditions, for instance-controlled temperature, so that the food does not go bad.


Meal prepping is a task that most people need to adopt and enjoy executing. It will save you on time taken to prepare meals and ensure you get through your busy schedule without worrying about what you will eat for dinner. But there is a catch. What is the best day for meal prep? Wednesday and Sunday are the two widely used days for meal prepping. They are flexible and well split to allow you to organize and prepare your meals for the week early enough.