The Art of Gratitude

By: Sylvia Lokollo

Gratitude. It’s a word that gets thrown around like a kid on work experience.

But if you look past the self-help gurus and countless celebs using it on their Insta pages, you’ll see how much value it has.

It’s ultimately about being thankful for what you have in your life. It can be family. It can be chicken soup in the middle of July. It could be getting a clear run on the tunnel on a Monday morning.

Gratitude brings us down from the clouds and into the present. Into the here and now. But it’s easier said than done. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is be thankful after a day that has gone completely balls up.

What’s the best antidote? It’s a good question – thanks for asking. The true answer is to maintain a lifestyle that is healthy, happy and challenging.

Lots of good food. Lots of social interactions. And lots and lots of lifting 🙂

Take for example, surviving a Grace workout. They’re the worst. They really, really are. You’re on the 18threp, your coach’s voice is in your ear, and the last thing you want to do is reset and hit up another set.

But the minute you’re done – the minute you step out on Albert Street – you’ll notice the air smells a little nicer. People are a little cooler. And right there, in that moment, you are being thankful. That’s gratitude in a nutshell.

We can take that feeling throughout everything we do – from the gym floor to that tough project at work to sitting down with your family at Christmas lunch.

There will be hectic times of year and it’s so easy to fall behind in your training and your mindset. But if you can keep this perspective in the back of your mind, you’ll open yourself up to a life which not only contains more gratitude, but more happiness, too.