August 2019 Member of the Month – Andy Davies

By: Sylvia Lokollo

Congratulations to Andy Davies for being nominated as Member of the Month – August!

Andy started with Core Strength in February 2018 as he was still recovering from a few injuries. Andy is one of the most genuine, high-fiving, friendly guy you will meet and always up for a bit of social life with the Core Strength crew. He’s been consistent in his rehab, in his strength work and always open to being coached. He just does the work.

Great effort in your attendance Andy and thank you for being so coachable and loved by your training buddies!

What was your fitness like before joining Core Strength?

I always thought my fitness level was pretty good as I had been going to the gym since I arrived in Australia 8 years ago from England. However, after joining Core Strength, I could see that there was definitely room for improvement.

What made you decide to join Core Strength?

I had been rehabilitating my right ankle since I had a double break around 4.5 years ago. After seeing a number of personal trainers and not necessarily getting the results I wanted, I decided to seek out a PT with experience in rehabilitation from injuries. I started to see Sylvia once a week whilst still going to my regular gym. During our sessions, I could see the Core Strength group classes and wondered if I would ever be able to get back to that kind of training. I was worried that my injury would be a roadblock to me being able to join. Sylvia then told me about a 28 day kickstart that she was organising and said I should give it a go. My fitness levels and strength improved and the comparison of the results from my body scans before and after the challenge were huge, even after only 28 days. Since doing the kickstart back in January 2018, I never looked back.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the gym?

I’m quite a social person, so I enjoy meeting up with friends and doing all of the great things Melbourne has to offer. There is so much to do here including all of the amazing restaurants. I love that the food here is great quality and it’s so accessible. I’ve also become a bit of a coffee snob since coming to Australia and I’m always trying out new coffee places.

What has been once challenge you’ve overcome since joining Core Strength?

My biggest challenge was thinking that I couldn’t do what everyone else could do in class. My injury was always in the back of my mind and I had to put a lot of extra work in. It took time, but all of the extra effort paid off. I now know my limitations, when I can push myself and when I need to pull it back. The coaches are a huge help, they’re always there to help you and adapt movements to suit your needs.

What results have you achieved since joining Core Strength?

The biggest results have been with my movement. I have limited range with my right ankle and since coming to Core Strength, I now move a lot better and I’m a lot more stable. I also know how to prepare myself for all of the strength movements and how to recover afterwards with stretching, rolling, eating the right foods etc… I still feel that there is always room for improvement and that’s what keeps me motivated to continue.