Congratulations Gidget Ricca!

Core Strengths Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Gidget Ricca for being nominated as Member of the Month – October 2019!

Gidget started with Core Strength with a 6 week challenge in August 2017, acheiving great results she continued her journey with us showing dedication and teamwork every week.

Fantastic effort on your attendance Gidget and thank you for being such a wonderful part of the Core Strength Family!

Three questions with the Coach

What was your fitness like before joining Core Strength?

My fitness was pretty poor. I spent long hours standing all day at work. Lots of walking and counting steps, but not elevating my heart rate. I was often lethargic and tired. I ate irregularly, had too many 3pm coffees and hardly drank any water.

What has been once challenge you’ve overcome since joining Core Strength?

Since joining Core Strength Fitness, routine is something I have learned to embrace with both hands. Especially around a barbell, kettleball or dumbbell. I have had years of shoulder problems which has improved beyond my expectations, as a result of feeling stronger physically.

All the staff at CSF are always ready to modify your routine, to constantly keep you motivated and inclusive within the class.

What results have you achieved since joining Core Strength?

I am still working on achieving small steps,  leading to small goals. I am not so hard on myself these days, just achieving a work, life, family balance is my greater goal.

I have lost 8kg though, whilst working on another 2kg, but my body shape has changed for the better. I am very aware and conscious of making greater/healthier food choices to sustain my energy levels.

I can run without stopping these days, I can lift weights with my buddies that are far younger than me, and more importantly I feel part of a team.