Congratulations Robin Irvine!

Core Strengths Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Robin Irvine for being nominated as Member of the Month – November 2019!

Robin is a fantastic member of our community and always comes to class with a great attitude and a desire to work.

Thank you Robin for being a joy to train and train with.  Fantastic effort on your part for being such a committed member of the Core Strength family!

Three questions with the Coach

What was your fitness like before joining Core Strength?

While always maintaining a reasonable base level of fitness, my routine was generally sporadic and less goal orientated. I’d previously worked out by myself either running or in the gym which was enjoyable, but also somewhat isolating. I’d also done a stint at a Crossfit box resembling an army boot camp, and a period of HIIT training at F45. I find Core Strength provides a good balance between these styles of training.

What has been one challenge you’ve overcome since joining Core Strength?

Finding the confidence to lift heavy weight without fear of injury has been a big step for me.

What results have you achieved since joining Core Strength?

Consistent training, and following a well-designed program has made me fitter, stronger, and filled me with a confidence that has impacted every part of my life.