Congratulations Evie Denholm!

Core Strengths Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Evie Denholm for being nominated as Member of the Month – October 2019!

Evie started at Core Strength 10 months ago and has since shown her commitment and fun loving nature every time she comes to the gym.

Thank you Evie for being a joy to train, we have all noticed how you have gotten stronger and more confident over the past 10 months.  Fantastic effort on your part for being such a committed member of the Core Strength family!

Three questions with the Coach

What was your fitness like before joining Core Strength?

I used to always be active, but for around 7 years prior to joining Core Strength I had done very little in the way of exercise. So my fitness was poor.

What has been one challenge you’ve overcome since joining Core Strength?

Actually joining a gym was a big challenge for me, then staying committed! I am currently 10 months in at Core Strength and loving it. Plus the extra early starts! Pretty tough for a non-morning person. There is definitely something special about Core Strength that just makes you want to get up and go!

What results have you achieved since joining Core Strength?

The block run! Almost back to my normal weight, purely by just being active as I’m still eating and drinking whatever I like. Feeling more energetic and stronger, and definitely having a better outlook on life in general.