February 2019 Member of the Month – Mariella Mejia

By: Sylvia Lokollo

Core Strength Melbourne Fitness Febraury 2019 Mariella Mejia

Core Strength Melbourne Fitness Febraury 2019 Mariella Mejia

Congratulations to Mariella for being nominated as Member of the Month by her lifting biddies!

Mariella is a 34 year old business owner and furry mommy to Lucy.  She joined in September 2018 and since day 1, Mariella is just a pleasure to have. She’s got a great attitude, always introduces herself to new members and is always cheering on other members in class.

What was your life like before joining Core Strength?

My life before Core Strength involved long work hours, couch time, netflix and Uber Eats. Sometimes all of them combined: working on the couch, watching Netflix and eating Uber Eats.

What results have you achieved since joining Core Strength?

Where do I even start with results?! I’ve managed several ginormous 1RM jumps.
When I started in September 2018 my deadlift was 35kg with ugly back rounding, now I’m sitting at 100kg. My backsquat was non-existent and now at 82kg. I’ve even lost 5 kilos without having to resort to the Jane Fonda grapefruit diet.

What is your life like now?

Life with Core Strength is not just different, it’s amazing. I feel alive again.

I still work really long hours but I’m less stressed, no longer out of breath easily and my body is strong.  I noticed a bicep creeping on my arm and I now make everyone touch the muscles on my thighs. Which I don’t recommend you do on a first date… (trust me on this one).

I’ve made some amazing new friends, my clothes are starting to be too big and rumour has it that Uber Eats is going broke…