March 2019 Member of the Month – Stephanie Young

By: Sylvia Lokollo

Core Strength Melbourne Fitness March 2019 Stephanie Young

Core Strength Melbourne Fitness March 2019 Stephanie Young

Congratulations to Stephanie “Stiffy” for being nominated as Member of the Month – March!

With 26 class attendance in March and she’s committed to kick ass in her goal of stringing together double unders.
Stephanie is always very supportive in and out of the gym. She’s always pushing herself in class.  In the last month, Steph has been coming in 15 min to work on her goal – double unders – she’s nailing it!

What was you life like before joining Core Strength?

Prior to joining Core Strength my fitness goals were based on other people’s achievements and focussing on a number on the scales. I tried to fit into a mould of what I thought fitness should look like. Going to the gym was a struggle and very inconsistent. I tried a variety of gyms and fad classes/programs and I was frustrated with not seeing immediate unrealistic results.

What was your inspiration for making a change?

I was recommended to trial Core Strength from a friend – after the first class I’d signed up for an unlimited membership!! I Love the classes are structured and tailored to all levels of fitness and each class feels more like a PT session than a small group class. I always thought weights were not for me…I didn’t realise how wrong I was until I started at Core Strength and actually started Olympic Lifting classes!!!

What results have you achieved since joining Core Strength?

Understanding that my results are a work in progress was the biggest achievement. There is no quick fix, training is a lifestyle, there is a lot of hard work and persistence that has gone into my training, I now understand that my fitness goals are my own and not everyone around me. I had always looked at the person next to me and wished I could lift as heavy or run as fast, but speaking with the coaches at Core Strength my perspective on my training and achievements have shifted, it’s great having inspiration around you but my progress and achievements are my own… I feel I now have a healthy outlook not only training but nutrition, body movements and overall health/fitness. The coaches at Core Strength actually care about your results and push you to achieve results outside your comfort zone in a caring and supportive environment.

What is your life like now?

I am now training 6 days a week and rarely miss a class – I can see the transformation in my body and also movement patterns – a squat does break parallel! I am constantly learning from the coaches across all facets of training and health, I am lifting weights and doing movements I never thought possible. I could not imagine starting my day anywhere else, I am so fortunate to have not only transformed my training but have made lifelong friends (and an ab). I am looking forward to improve in my training and grow these twig arms!