Finding Your WHY

By: Sylvia Lokollo

Life has a way of messing with our minds.

One day you can be riding high. Work is awesome, winter is done, and last night’s date went amazing.

The next day it all falls in a heap. You just got fired, it’s been raining all night, and you find out that guy from the date has been kissing your sister the entire time.

We can’t control what gets thrown at us. But we can control is trying to find what makes us happy. We can control ‘finding our why’.

Ask yourself a question – why do you go to gym? Is it to get in better shape? Is it to keep your mind and soul in check? It’s good to ask yourself these questions because one of the answers will give you that purpose. It will give you that drive to come in again and again – back squat after pistol squat after overhead squat.

It’s the same with life too. As humans we are hardwired to repeat the same habits, the same routine – good or bad.

That’s why people stay in bad relationships, or bad jobs. Conversely that’s why so many people like to travel, and find joy in exploring something new.

The same question you ask yourself why you come into gym is the same question you can ask yourself for everyday life. What is it that I enjoy? What is that I can get wonderfully lost in for hours at a time?

I don’t want to sound preachy, but chasing what you love is far more enjoyable, far more daring than repeating the same steps that might lead you to unhappiness.

As a famous comedian once said; ‘there’s no risk in going after a dream, but there’s a tremendous amount of risk to playing it safe.’