By: Sylvia Lokollo

You shouldn’t need any motivation to train.  Motivation is a tricky beast, it’s probably more for newbies, but if you want training as a long haul goal, then you need to have some form of fear!

Let’s talk motivation for a sec!  I love lifting; I don’t need some external motivation to lift.  Do you need motivation to brush your teeth in themorning, I wouldn’t think so, because life has routine that is just part of your daily living.  

It should be the same with training.  If you rely on motivation to go to the gym, then maybe fitness is just a ‘hobby’.  In a few years time, I wouldn’t be surprised if you ditch training for another hobby – people watching, collecting stamps or knitting.

Hey, I could be wrong, but for many of you, I’d like to think that you started training (especially at CSF) because it is part of your life; it’s a way of life.  I’d like to think you love it because of other factors – social or community, feeling of achieving something you’d never thought possible…and of course, you love the coaches too right?   I’d like to think that you love it because it makes you feel like an epic human, it makes you look sexier. For some of us, we love the feeling of cold metal barbell hitting against our calluses while we’re covered in chalk .  Maybe it’s mastering new exercises and movements.  Whatever you love about lifting, it makes you feel f*cking awesome!

What’s this fear I’m referring to?  Well, we all train because we are also avoiding some things that may worry us:

  • The fear of being weak and having no energy for doing the things we love
  • The fear of getting an easily preventable disease
  • The fear of getting obese
  • The fear of not being able to play with your kids / grandkids
  • The fear of not accomplishing what you KNOW you’re capable of accomplishing
  • The fear of looking fat in that swimsuit 

  • The fear of becoming your father, mother, etc.
  • The fear of being naked in front of that someone special….

The list goes on, you know what where I’m going with this!  Do I need motivation to love my loved ones, my friends (well some of them), or listening to a great podcast? Absolutely not! This goes with my training and nutrition.

What are my fears? To be honest, it’s not being able to be present with my family, not able to be in my business sharing the laughs and fun with our community, being old not able to stand back up when I have that unexpected fall. My fears get me out of bed each morning to train my clients and get ready for my own training.  What I attract in my life makes me work a little harder, a bit more responsible, accountable, a little more disciplined with my nutrition and with my social life.  

My fears scare me in the right direction.  If you don’t have fears, have one.  It’ll keep you inspired.