Motivation Is A Tricky Beast!

Some days you can take on the world – nothing can hold you down. Not even one of those 25kg wall ball Sonia makes you grab off the shelf.

You’re doing cartwheels down the street and hitting PBs like it’s no biggie.

Other days are tougher. You’ve had a horror sleep. You’re fighting with your partner. The last thing on your mind is burpees (yuck) and manmakers (double yuck).

My one piece of advice is to maintain momentum. Do something small each day. On the days you don’t come into gym, hit up a yoga class, go for a long walk, do some bungee jumping (maybe don’t do that).

Getting your body up and going will make it all that easier to come in next time around.

And the thing about Core Strength is that we place community over everything else.

So, when you come in to gym, you can have a chat with me, talk to Sonia about last night’s rose ceremony, or even compliment Gary on his wonderful shorts (they truly are wonderful).

Yes, we push you, but not to the point where you’ll be crying at the end of class and wanting to move back home.

Gym is much more than having awesome traps and being able to squat a small car. Yeah, it’s nice – but it’s not everything.

It’s about the feeling you get of achieving something and taking it through everyday life.

Ever notice how small life’s problems are after a workout? Food tastes better. The traffic on Church Street isn’t as busy. Even your boss is a little more bearable.

And the good news is that winter is done! All over. No more scraping the ice of your windshields. No more wearing a beanie and 15 woollen jumpers at the start of class.

To those who battled through Melbourne’s nose wiping winter and came in to gym day after day – well done.

To those of us who may have fallen off the pace – don’t fret! There’s still lots of time to get back on track. We’ve got the challenge plus more classes than ever before.

Sonia looks tanned as from her trip. Peter has countless stories from the old country, Angelo’s overhand right is a thing of beauty, and Liam’s man bun is as bouncy as ever.

It’s gonna be a great few months of awesome workouts and balmy 25-degree weather.

See you at gym!
Syl 🙂