What Progress Looks Like

By: Sylvia Lokollo

Core Strength Melbourne Fitness May 2019 Blog

Angie Brown, smiling as she progressed her running skills around the block. Angie’s progress: no more modification on the rower, it’s block run from here!

Everyone wants progress, but really, what does progress look like?  The world of social media can give you the wrong idea about what progress is really about.  Progress is not only how you look, it’s not about losing tons of weight very quickly.  Don’t get me wrong, high five to those who has lost inches and kilos very quickly and worked hard towards their journey.


You cannot generalise the definition of ‘progress’ to be just how you look, or how much weight you’ve lost.  Progress is not an end journey, progress is always ongoing and there is no such thing as perfection in progress.  If you reached perfection, that means you have no more room to improve.  No more room to learn, to grow your mindset and be better physically, emotionally and mentally.

In my line of work, running group training programs for every people, these are all amazing progress:

  • Coming to class consistently 3 times a week instead of inconsistently 6 times a week
  • Progressing from ring rows to pull ups with bands
  • Drinking 6 glasses or water a day instead of 3 glasses a day
  • Sleeping 6 hours instead of 5 hours a night
  • Being in a better mood compare to your grumpy self
  • More positive self talk and not dragging yourself in a downward spiral
  • Allowing 2 cookies a week from the office jar instead of 2 everyday of the week
  • Coming back from an injury and lifting 50% of what you were lifting prior to the injury, than not going to the gym at all.

Physical change takes time.  Instead, we should focus on other aspects of our lives that are giving us progress and positive change.  All the above progress gets me excited, because these little wins coupled with consistency is what create good habits, and good habits over time will give you progress for the long haul.

The other big deal about progress is measuring and tracking your progress.  If you don’t measure it, how do you know you’re progressing?  How can you appreciate the journey you’ve gone through?  The hard work and effort you’ve put into from when you first started?  There’s nothing worse than training consistently, everyone around you is seeing your progress, but yourself.

For us to create results, our body needs to be constantly challenged.  It needs to adapt to new stressors to grow and get stronger.  If each week your squats are increasing in weight, but you’re not recording it weekly, over the next months ahead, how will you know how well you’ve progressed or how far you’ve come with your technique?

All our members have access to an online performance tracker where you can track your results, lifts and record your nutrition.  This is easily accessed daily, so utilise this program and start recording your numbers and daily progress.

So…appreciate the little wins, they are all progress which will keep you inspired in your journey.  Record your progress and remind yourself daily of your small wins.

Lastly, what’s one thing you haven’t given yourself credit for accomplishing this month? Maybe it’s coming back to class after weeks of rehab.  Maybe it’s coming last in the block run, but you’re beating your own time…find one thing you should be proud of each week and start appreciating the smaller wins and effort you put daily towards the bigger picture.