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6-Week Challenge

Tired of getting stuck in the rut and having not enough energy to function or to play with your kids? Do you need the extra push, support, and guidance to get your life and health back so you can live your life with confidence and strength?
Our 6-Week Challenge will help create the structure you need back into your life. With full support and guidance, you will have access to unlimited training in a safe and non-intimidating training environment. You will work with a nutrition coach to guide you with your meal plan that you will love (no restriction or dieting!) and keep for the rest of your life. Open to males and females at all levels of fitness and experience. 
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Strength & Conditioning

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING is Core Strength’s signature cross-training program that combines strength training, bodyweight training, and metabolic conditioning. We focus on functional, full-body exercises that will help you get in the best shape of your life. The program is designed to help you prevent injuries, make you feel strong, light, and confident. Every day is different so you will break through plateaus and never get bored.

Our classes will help get your body lean and healthy from the inside out! We focus on burning fat, building cardiovascular endurance, core stability, and improving mobility. This program includes barbell, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and bodyweight movements.

Every movement is scalable for any level, experience, and injuries. All you need to do is show up with a positive attitude ready to training, have fun and give your full effort.

Each class is 60 minutes long and includes a coach-led demonstration for all moments. 

Rehab to Strength


Helping you gain confidence and strength in life. 

At Core Strength, we’ve dealt with a number of injuries and conditions including knee, hip, shoulder, neck, lower back, and sports-related injuries.  Our classes are tailored to take you from rehab to strength in the safest and attentive way to help you achieve long-term results, not just a quick fix. We work with the person, not just the body part. 

Our team of highly skilled rehab-trained coaches will ensure your safety is the utmost priority in class. We will listen to you, analyse your movement, and provide you with the appropriate modifications to progress you with safety. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, non-intimidating, and fun training environment where you can enjoy training and moving with ease and confidence as you move forward from rehab to strength. 

Nutrition Coaching


Stop feeling overwhelmed and wasting your time and money with fad diets, or trying to starve your way to weight loss. Our program will help you lose fat, add muscle tone, increase your energy, and improve your confidence and performance in a sustainable way. Using a science-based approach, we simplify the process of healthy eating by incorporating flexible nutrition plans and focusing more on mindset and behavior changes. We will help create a personalized plan for you and keep you accountable.




Struggling to get and maintain results when you’re not in class with us? Living a healthy lifestyle is much more than your group classes. Our Lifestyle and Habits coaching program is a behavioral-based coaching approach that provides you with the support and accountability that you need to create better behaviors to achieve your weight goal, and keep your new lifestyle for life! 

You will have daily check-ins with your coach, weekly coaching, and 24/7 accountability to keep you on track. Schedule a free consultation to talk about your goals and how we can best support you.







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