Strength Training – Where Do I Start?

July 2019
By: Sylvia Lokollo

So you realize you need to lose weight, gain some muscles, feel stronger and look better for an upcoming event. What I say to you is what we say to all our members…eating right and lifting heavy is what you need.

Many of you have been squatting, lifting, training 3-5 times a week and “I go to the gym” type, but probably scratching your head as to why you’re not getting the results you’re after with strength training.  For some it’s the how and where do I start?

Well, let’s go further into more details…

A lot of people get overwhelmed with too many questions about starting a new strength training program:

  • My knees hurt, should I squat
  • I haven’t worked out in a while, can I start now?
  • How often should I train?
  • What weight should I be lifting?
  • I don’t know that exercise, what do I do?

The questions continue and it can be very overwhelming, daunting and confusing for many. No wonder a lot of people don’t want to start.  It’s scary and you’re only human! This is why at Core Strength, we’re not just another gym, because what we aim for is to give you two things you need to start anything new….HOPE and CONFIDENCE.

Hope that you don’t look stupid starting your strength training program. Confident that you will fit in just fine with everyone.

Hope that this time you will get the results you want. Confident that you’re in the right place with the right people to guide you towards success.

Hope that you don’t get injured from lifting. Confident that your body will get stronger as you commit to your new training routine.

Our coaches are here to guide you from Day 1.  On Day 30, 60, 90, etc, our coaches are still here to guide you, check your technique, correct you, challenge you and keep you accountable to stay on track. If you are pregnant or have niggles and limitations, they will modify your program to suit you and keep you safe.

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A great coach have the skills and patience to demonstrate and guide you towards success.

Okay, so you CAN start without experience, but what if I don’t know the movements or how much to lift…what now?

Here are my 3 steps towards success in your strength training:


Showing up is more than 50% of the problem why people give up or can’t progress with their strength training.  If you’re in the gym, we can help you, but if you don’t show up, it’s hard to give you the inspiration, the high fives, fist pumps and encouragement for you to progress. If you had a shitty day, just show up, because I guarantee you that the rest of the members and coaching team will make you feel so much better when you walk out.


If you think you’re going to lift heavy on your first day, first week or first month, forget it.  Depending on your level of fitness and experience, we want you to learn the basic movements first.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting out with bodyweight and a broomstick to replace a barbell.  When it comes to compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, press and even Olympic weightlifting, a broomstick is a fantastic tool to use while learning.  These movements are very complex and developing correct technique and good habits will prevent you from injuries while you’re building on the foundations of moving better.

Don’t expect to get results too quickly.  This is a marathon journey, not a sprint.  It takes time for your body to adapt to change.  Great things takes time, embrace this time to learn and progress with safety.


Life is stressful enough. Work can be frustrating and for some, their family can be an added stress.  The last thing we want for our members is to give them more unnecessary stress by screaming at them, talking to them with disrespect and telling them off for giving them the same cue and tip for the 100th time.

We’re not lovey dovey, but we’ll give you a hug, we’ll make sure that hour is your best hour of the day.  If you can’t lift as much as you did last week due to a stressful week, who cares…just show up and have a good sweat and laugh. Our members are here to work along side you.  We promise you won’t train alone or feel lonely.  Having fun is the #1 recipe to keep you showing up, so don’t ever forget to have fun while training.